Curiousity killed the cat.

Its was a typical Wednesday afternoon, I had planned to go and see my General Practitioner with regards to how lousyI have been feeling of late.

Of course, the expected “so tell us whats wrong today” initiated our encounter and we moved forth from there.

I expected to take up not more than ten minutes of this guys time however, this consultation inadvertantly turned into a consultation of aspiration, encouragement even.

Upon discussing my Bachelor of Arts degree which I obtained just short of a month back i was rambling about how absolutely ridiculous it has become to find a well paid job currently.

Mind you, I have always been the book smart type -that girl whom always has a book close by … the girl whom absolutely and unmistakenly is drawn to the boring poetic and literary texts people my age dont come to appreciate which ultimately meant that my level of buoyancy was through the roof! More often than not encouraging the next person that there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (or thats what I have been told).

Nonetheless, Dr Awesome suggested that I started a blog, and here I am doing exactly that, of course asking the question “what exactly would make my blog better than everyone elses?” And his response? NOTHING. (thanks for the not so awesome encouragement DR)

About a week ago even, I would not have even remotely considered doing soemthing that i would have considered foolish, absurd even. YET here I am, on this Thursday afternoon starting a blog, A blog!! What am I doing?

I guess only time will tell as to whether this is just a phase to pass my time or whether this could be an actual thing to write home about.

There. Blog post one -done and dusted *bows*.


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