The competence of the road to professionalism.


Professional qualifications they say… is the way to success! Escape the mere thought of poverty by seeking knowledge in any way you are able to!

Well personally I agree with seeking knowledge from the cradle to the grave but the most important and crucial fine detail that is more often than not taken into consideration is that it actually costs money to do so, and LOTS of it.

So here I am, an alumni… who possesses a Higher certificate in Economic Development as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Psychology AND Sociology minding my own business… and going about my day… blogging… screaming internally and subtly shitting myself.

So! I have experienced the entire graduation ordeal and everything that leads up to the event. Planning my outfit and shoes for the exciting day! The smug “I did it, I managed to scrape through and get a degree” attitude for game day and feeling a sense of accomplishment because WHAT!! I’m getting a degree today 🙌 a piece of paper made up of three years of my sanity.

But alas…

Sitting in the Graduation hall waiting for my name to get called (which the Dean mispronounced might I add) and then having my degree confferred upon me, Aah good times. I swear that has been the most satisfactory thing I have experienced thus far.

Eventually, the conferring of degrees concluded random people asking you whether you have managed to have graduated with a CUM LAUDE, (am I allowed to laugh at you? MOVE!!!) as well as the celebrations thereof.

However, heres the harsh reality about what they dont tell you AFTER graduating:

You probably wont be employed exactly after you have graduated

Yes. Job hunting seems FUN and EXCITING until you have had to just disregard a job post because these people want 15 years job experience! HOW!? between my back to back lectures and my compulsory tutorials as well as my weekend job which practically didnt even compensate remotely for my textbooks and setworks! Where in hell does one have the time and mental strength to have attained that amount of experience? Really people! COME ONNNN.

Cash Flow?

Aah yes! My second favorite word starting with a C after the word cupcake.

I dont care how many people say that they have studied further to become more wise and smarter and to see the world more clearly, at some point if its not the initial point -wheres the money at though?

In all honestly I assumed that I would be living the dream by now…. reaping the benefits of said degree which I have spent 3 tiring years of my life on -but boy was I WRONG!! INSTEAD I’m out here worrying my ASS off about how and when exactly the debt collectors will come knocking at my door due to me being NECK DEEP in student debt (NSFAS keep calm player).

Which then almost immediately raises the question, when exactly do I get to actually without a sense of worry get to enjoy the money I have studied long and hard for? (which consequently I am NOT yet earning) that pipe dream is yet to be annouced!

The constitution of marriage, could you save me PERHAPS?

In your twenties, well in mine particularly I feel slightly worried that I have not caught the marriage and intense commitment fever as yet.

Which makes me wonder whether I should maybe invest in one? You know? For financial security like they did in the Rennaisance period where they promoted convenience and obedience as the constitution of marriage, afterall… that were the ultimate and true callings of women back then… to wed and go about their day.

But I do however believe that the guy who gets to marry me has his work cut out for him. I mean im definitely going to be bragging about my degree and complaining about my student debt the first year of our marriage and even then im wondering whether I would be employed and actually then will be getting my moneys worth for the degree that I have.

The art of socializing

Remember when you could use the “oh no, I cant hang out buddy… I have those tests and an early lecture every day of the week” card to get out of socializing when you were in university?

SIKE!! It’s real life now and you sort of have to develop into a beautiful social butterfly which ultimately means you actually have to go out and about and do actual things with actual people.

Now, theres nothing wrong with that… but with the hours which I happen to work (17:00 – 4:00) no, no I’m even not joking!! It’s a bit difficult for people to understand that you would rather opt for a chilled night in watching series you probably have already watched because you don’t want to feel like the boring individual you have become due to the hecticness (is this a word?) of life.


One thought on “The competence of the road to professionalism.

  1. Brandon Cupido says:

    Well,you’ve given me quite a bit to ponder on. An interesting read indeed, really biting into the immediate “post-uni” struggle.

    Looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

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