Remember – You matter too 🌸

More often than not, we get told “cheer up” “it will get better” “keep the faith” and the most chanted “what you project unto the universe is what you retrieve from it” -well yeah all of that is sort of true but what happens when you lose all of that faith? Or if things does not immediately “get better”?

We get told to suck it up. And the harsh reality is that sucking it up would probably be the best and smart thing to do… because ultimately negative vibes often fester and develops into something way more unnecesary and a waste of time.

So before we lose our marbles to a point of no return… and quite frankly im really close to losing them -lets keep the following in mind when on the verge of throwing in the towel:

Treat yourself like you’re worthy right now, even if you don’t believe it.
As said in my previous article, hey! You are doing the best that you possibly can kid!

So go ahead and make yourself feel worthy of the simple things in life. Whether this includes taking care of your body, by eating a healthy diet and exercising or dancing around the house with nothing but socks and an oversized t-shirt.

We have to engage in taking action and having a hand in achieving our dreams. By following our dreams, we contribute to creating a beautiful world.

And quite frankly -who wouldnt want the world to be anything but a beautiful place? So go on! Spread some of that sparkle

Surround yourself with positive people who love themselves and who treat you with love and respect.
I have learnt that wherever you go, regardless of the circumstances we as the human species -we best learn by observation. If we observe people who love themselves and who love and respect the people around them, we learn how to do the same.

WHEN you remove the negative apples growing in your garden GUESS WHAT? it no longer will follow you around.

Make it a point to reduce or eliminate the amount of toxins you ingest and the amount of time you spend with toxic people. By being around positive loving people, we come to believe that we’re worthy of love and respect.

Forgive others but MOST of all save some forgiveness for yourself.
The act of forgiving does not ideally mean that you are accepting that others treat you badly nor does it mean that you should tolerate and continue spending time and energy on someone who treats you terribly. Ultimately forgiveness is for you. It’s about letting go of the pain, liberating your self from the heaviness of holding a grudge. Furthermore, in order to love yourself, you need to forgive yourself for choices you’ve made. Simply, make the decision to try to do better every day.

Like Oprah once said (do not ask me when, where, how or why she said it… but trust me she said it!) It goes…

“Being good to yourself doesn’t have to include a calendar full of luxury spa treatments (though who are we to judge?). It simply means treating yourself as well as you’d treat a friend.”

And I couldn’t agree more! Find what works for you! Whether you enjoy running in the rain and letting your hair down, Or whether you simply just enjoy having a lazy day in with an amazing book and really warm fuzzy socks like I do? Either or… do what makes you feel like the best version of you…



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